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NEW FILM: Letters

Introducing my newest short film, entitled Letters!  

Watch here:

The film revolves around the themes of loneliness, college, alienation, and unsaid things.  Made with a budget of $0 and a team of three people.  

The script was inspired with some feelings of loneliness I experienced in the past few months.  It went through several iterations involving four letters, a temper tantrum, and more relationship angst, but I decided to make it revolve around a more general loneliness theme.  My mood has been up and down recently, and I almost did not finish this project, but I’m glad I did.

I experimented with some different lighting techniques and a more abstract approach to how to convey the story.  Also, it was the first time I used my 5D Mark II to make a film, and it performed superbly.  Lots of firsts, lots of difficulty, but it helped me get out of my film slump!

Let me know what you think, and if you like, show your friends :D

Sudden Art Boost

I’ve been working on a short film for the past few months.  I have this thing where if I don’t feel like it’s going to amount to anything, I lose interest in my own work.  It usually happens when I don’t like the footage I got, the script kinda sucks, or I can’t see the final product in my head.  This video has been like that up until yesterday.

Yesterday I got a sudden art boost.  After a bit of audio editing, I finally started to see what the final product would be like, and I liked it.  A lot.  So now I’m super excited to finish this film :D  It’ll be done by Monday at the latest, so I’ll post it when it’s done.

Inspiration like this is why I love making films.  You can never plan when it happens, but when it hits, it hits hard.  I love this feel.


There are days that I feel like a robot on autopilot.  Mostly at school.

I wake up, get brushed, get dressed, get packed, eat breakfast, and then go to class.  I don’t talk to anyone on the walk there, or in class, or on the walk back.  And then it’s the evening already.  I eat, and then I do work.  And then the day ends.  Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes when I’m in class, I daydream about interesting things that could happen.  I dream about going on adventures with friends, or going for midnight walks with a friend.  It’s nice to have some excitement in life, especially now, when I’m basically on autopilot all day.

That’s the thing about college.  It’s very impersonal.  Everyone’s so preoccupied with their own shit to do, and so are you, and that’s fine.  But consequently, you’re alone half the time, and you get lonely fast.  And unless you’re into partying and binge drinking and throwing up and holding your friend’s hair from falling into the toilet, you’re in your room alone, wishing things could be different and more exciting.  It sucks because I know that life will be like this from now on, and it depresses me sometimes.

I guess that’s why I write so often.  For a little while, I get to escape the banality of my life and explore someone else’s exciting life.  It’s nice to get away from reality, because on the whole, reality sucks.

It’s nice to get away.

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